DigiEnsemble Berlin plays BACH

BACH’s Christmas Oratorio on Mobile Devices

The DigiEnsemble Berlin exclusively uses digital devices to perform the aria “Großer Herr, o starker König” from the famous and glorious Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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The Sound of Winter

We are proud to announce that we will soon release a splendid smartphone-music version of the Christmas song “Silent Night.” The whole video will be released on Saint Nicholas Day, 6th Dec 2012. We have been preparing this special project since summer. Marc is giving you an insight into his perspective, explaining the special case of realizing “Silent Night” with the DigiEnsemble Berlin.

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The Realization of a Bach Aria

We are currently working on a rather big project: the realization of the aria  “Großer Herr, o starker König” from the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach. What a glorious piece! But as you can see, we are not an ordinary orchestra – here we do not utilize conventional instruments, we play tablet PCs and smartphones. The TV program Metropolis (ARTE) visited us at an early stage rehearsal of our new project. In the process of rehearsing it becomes clear to the viewer and us how we grew into the project and into an actual ensemble.

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Hard Rock: DigiEnsemble Performs “Word Up” at LinuxNacht

Channelling Korn’s take on the Cameo classic, we played a hard rock version of “Word Up”on our mobile devices at the LinuxNacht in Berlin in Mai 2012. It was one of several events in the context of the LinuxTag and concentrated on networking and development of social space. We were invited as a special guest and surprised the audience with making mobile music. We played different styles, but especially the rock songs proved popular. Here is a video of the hard rock song “Word Up.”

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Workshop @Vibe in Cairo with the DigiEnsemble Berlin

Cool, the guys from BLACKOUT STUDIOS made an awesome video from one of our workshops in cairo. Thank you!

The DigiEnsemble Berlin performed at the opening ceremony of the “German Weeks 2012” in Cairo. When we stayed in Cairo there we made a workshop at “Vibe for Developing Arts” to give a little insight how we are playing our mobile instruments individually. As you can see it was a lot of fun.

Aria “Ombra Mai Fu” on Mobile Devices

This video shows a performance of the famous aria “Ombra Mai Fu” in an experimental version accompanied on smartphones and tablets. The musicians´s aim is to try out how to make joint music on smartphones.

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Making Music with Tablet PCs and Smartphones | euromaxx

The Berlin-based ensemble originated as an 8-member experimental study group and uses music apps to play on touchpad mobile devices. Euromaxx met up with these technically avant-garde musicians to find out how their performances sound like.

“St. Anna” on mobile devices

With its own composition „St. Anna“ the DigiEnsemble Berlin releases an own piece of music especially composed for mobile gadget. Oriented to classical music it meets the opportunities of a smartphone that turn it into an instrument.

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