Aria “Ombra Mai Fu” on Mobile Devices

This video shows a performance of the famous aria “Ombra Mai Fu” in an experimental version accompanied on smartphones and tablets. The musicians´s aim is to try out how to make joint music on smartphones.

The sound you hear is all played live by the musicians and their smartphones. In this case we are playing on the app-instrument “thumbjam” for iPod touch and iPad. By lifting and lowering the devices tone and volume can be modulated. In this way an expressive play can arise.

However, the DigiEnsemble Berlin plays more than classical music, its musicians experiment with a wide range of genres, play heavy metal, avantgarde or compose own pieces.

Literally “Largo by Handel” is a praise to the shade of a plane tree.

“Ombra mai fu / di vegetabile,/ cara ed amabile, / soave più.” –
“Never was shade / of plant / more dear, amiable / and sweet.”

… …


soprano: Anna Gütter
music: DigiEnsemble Berlin
Uwe (Organ), Dustin Dick (Vl1), Puya Shoari (Oboe), Matthias Krebs (Vl2), Daniel Grote (Viola), Tim Neuser (Cello), Timon Kossack (Bass)
Video: Lukasz Fabijancyk, Matthias Krebs
sound: Till Rotter
Berlin 2012