Hard Rock: DigiEnsemble Performs “Word Up” at LinuxNacht

Channelling Korn’s take on the Cameo classic, we played a hard rock version of “Word Up”on our mobile devices at the LinuxNacht in Berlin in Mai 2012. It was one of several events in the context of the LinuxTag and concentrated on networking and development of social space. We were invited as a special guest and surprised the audience with making mobile music. We played different styles, but especially the rock songs proved popular. Here is a video of the hard rock song “Word Up.”

Every single note was played live on our iPads and iPhones – there were no loops or playbacks. The song developed a high energy and we felt like an actual rock band. We used Apps like iShred, Drums XD, Basist and GarageBand. The realization of the song was actually not too difficult and we earned a lot of positive response.

Throughout our performance, we have revived interest in our search for adequate ways of making music with smartphones and tablets. Based on lots of interesting talks after our show, we can now hope for developments in the field of linux driven devices for smartphone music.