This version of the famous song by the Beatles (1968 written by George Harrison) premiered at the international symposium MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017. On the final evening, experienced appmusicians presented their approaches to mobile music making in a joint concert.

The “MOBILE MUSIC in concert” took place on the 11th of March in the Appmusik Studio at the Berlin University of the Arts. In preparation for a concert, we asked friends to help us to make a video of our performance. For this, we made 6 takes and Finn Dorian made this wonderful video clip out of it.


camera: Finn Dorian (http://www.gemuesebeet-media.de)
cutter: Finn Dorian
live recording: Tim Altrichter
mix: Rocco Weise (https://popschutz.com)
helping hands: Micheau da Silva & Josi Loch
production: Matthias Krebs

Vocals: Marc Godau and Matthias Krebs (pre-recorded)
Guitars: Marc Godau
Drums: Puya Shoary
LinnStrument: Matthias Krebs
Chords: Stefan Meinking
Bass: Tammin Lee

used mobile apps:

Patterning (Drums), Model 15 (MPE Weeps), ChordPolyPad, BeatMaker2 (Backtrack), Sunrizer (Bass), Audiobus 3, Thor (Synthpad), MidiFlow (Motion), AmpliTube (Git. Effects)